Still seeing ads on videos from

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Re: Still seeing ads on videos from

Postby Emeraldmoon » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:29 pm

I'm just devastated and outrageous by fact that such simple and primitive act like blocking of just one advertisement video originated from one address (*) is such a problem!

Are there anybody who managed to block this crappy advertisement on Dailymotion without blocking proper video material?
I added this filter to AdBlock:


but it just blocked everything! All what I see is this stupid message:
"Oops! Looks like something is blocking this content. Make sure your connections is working and try disabling any ad blockers."

I'm pissed off! Aren't there any solution? Will we let such companies to win with us with their dirty practices forcing us to watching ads?

I even tried AdGuard plug-in to Google Chrome. This plug-in is advertised as the best blocker, even better than AdBlock because it manages with AntiAdBlock.
I say simply and shortly: BULLSHIT! Ads are shown on Dailymotion still.

The same problem refers to polish site (crappy polish television named - TVN). Just look themselves at this: ... 37139.html
Can you see video or just message about turning off your AdBlock?
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Re: Still seeing ads on videos from

Postby andrewmyles2 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:52 pm

Yeah, I'm still seeing these fukcing ads, tried all the methods you guys have posted. No one has found a fix for that? I also tried some Dailymotion video downloaders, but not one of them works. God dammit. Anyone knows some workaround?
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Re: Still seeing ads on videos from

Postby Emeraldmoon » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:05 am

As for downloading from Dailymotion - there aren't any problems! I'm using Flash Video Downloader version 7.5.2 and it always detects any video from Dailymotion even it's blocked from watching because of AdBlock! I can always download any video by this plug-in in every resolution which is available in this video. Try FVD 7.5.2 - because the newest version may have some faults.

For me there is still problem because I don't want to wait for downloading material from Dailymotion, because it lasts very long! They have very slow transfer. 40 minutes video is downloading about 20 minutes. I want to watch it as streaming in browser - without downloading.

There is one workaround their anti-AdBlock but this is a bit tiresome and not for computer newbies: you have to view page code (press CTRL+U on any blocked video) and then find phrase "mp4". There are a few mp4 links. You have to find this one with the best resolution and for the proper material - not advertisement! Then copy it, paste into notepad, cut every backslash "\", then it will remain just proper address to video. Copy it again and paste in browser and ENTER and video is running (in Chrome) or downloading (in Firefox).

But there is still complicated method! I want to watch video after clicking it with mouse, not by exploring page code and copying/pasting the address. Hopefully Dailymotion doesn't encode their video materials as it's case on - you won't have any chance to find ready address to proper video material on their site's code. Such greedy and smart are polish companies and media who are masters in forcing user to watching their advertisements. Poland is country which is just infested with the biggest number of ads on TV and internet. Sick country, because it has passed just 25 years since communism is ended here so now polish media are sick about making HUGE money, so they are very angry if somebody want to block their ads. Sad but true...
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