Force it back on ? Rollout Questions.

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Force it back on ? Rollout Questions.

Postby Wimpy » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:52 am

Hi - thank you for making a great tool.. It's appreciated.

We are about to roll it out to 500 users or so.

If users decide to turn it Off - is there a way to force it back on ? Besides going to every PC manually. Is there a setting in Patterns.ini ? reg entry ? Gpo ?

We will be rolling out IE 1st.

We dont show the Status Bar by default... thus in IE they wont even see the ICon - im toying with engaging the option to show the status bar so they can disable it if they have to. Reason being is I have seen a site that refuses to load unless ABP is disabled. ( to be specific ) - granted this is not Business related. I tried to whitelist it.. most of the site worked.. however I still got errors telling me to disable ABP even though was whitelisted ..progressing that forward im just trying to prepare in case that happens to a lot of sites. Although Edmunds is the 1st i have seen that actually blocks content if your running ABP.

As of 12/11/15 does anyone have a confirmation the below are working ? I had read the 'disable updates' may not be 100% working ?.. or no ? I wouldnt want 500 users getting hit with update messages constantly :p

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Thank You !

EDIT - the reason why we would be concerned with users shutting it off.. is we have been hit with Cryptolocker about 3 times now - we are hoping ( along with All the other incredibly positive attributes about this addon ) it will help remove the chances of our network allowing in viruses via 'drive by AD infections'.

Thanks again for making such a cool and very necessary application.
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