French list - debate : should the Facebook pixel be blocked

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French list - debate : should the Facebook pixel be blocked

Postby giantjack » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:56 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm subscribing here because I'm concerned about the french filter list that's activated by default for french people, which is "Liste FR+Easy List".
For a few months, it's been filtering off

The result is not blocking ads on Facebook (I still have sponsored posts), but instead blocking the Facebook tracking pixel on website pages from other sites. To be completely transparent, I noticed that because I use it myself to retarget my audience on Facebook and serve them meaningful ads and content (I'm teaching photography online).

I understand that users should be in control of the tracking they accept or not, but I just think it's not AdBlock's use case. That should be a browser's feature.

In fact, to me it has the reverse effect : blocking a pixel can actually prevent an advertiser from stopping to show an ad to people who are already subscribed or already bought a product.
So to me, the result is just that Adblock Plus users are just gonna see less relevant ads. Which seems to be the opposite effect of what people search for when installing the plugin (one could say they want to see no ads at all, but 1) I think Adblock Plus motto is that no ads are equal, and 2) ads are not blocked on Facebook anyway). I don't think irrelevant ads are better than relevant ads.

I obviously tried to start a conversation on the relevant forum, but it didn't go well, I just can't be heard.

What do you guys think ? Is there any control by Adblock Plus on what should and shouldn't be in local filter lists ?

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