Crypto currency, anti adblock and false click redirection

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Crypto currency, anti adblock and false click redirection

Postby Gaurav Sahare » Mon May 07, 2018 8:28 am

I am mostly using Chromium based browsers and Mozilla Firefox. My problems are:
1. I can't add additional filters in Adblock Plus option(latest interface), example: I want to add filter to block Crypto currency ads and trackers, so I copied the link(provided by ABP) then opened "ABP options>advanced>add a new filter list" wrote the filter name and pasted this link, but still showing "enter a vaild URL".
2. I enabled "Adblock warning removal list" but still showing a warning message on many websites to disable your adblocker to prevent visual problem of our sites. Any solution available to block this warning message, because I think "Adblock warning removal list" is just a show piece.
3. Many websites which using Crypto currency ads and trackers has comes with additional issue. My according this is the biggest issue for browsers. The name of issue is "false click redirection". The process which automatically redirecting to unknown(may be malicious) URL link without actual click on actual link, or scroll the tab only, or just click on blank part/space of opened web page,is called "false click redirection". You can called "misbehaviour links". How to terminate this issue? Please add this feature to prevent false click redirection.
Gaurav Sahare
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Re: Crypto currency, anti adblock and false click redirection

Postby mapx » Mon May 07, 2018 8:33 am

Easyprivacy list contains all the anti mining filters.

Subscribe the list from:

If you want to add a custom filter, see:
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