Nougat system update seems to have given me all problems

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Nougat system update seems to have given me all problems

Postby Antaeus666 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:29 am

All the problems people have referenced here that is...

First the basics...HTC 10, unlocked... Nougat update over a full factory reset...

Everything worked wonderfully, and still does on my backup HTC M7...

But 3 days into Nougat and I've stopped counting problems...

1. Erratic keyboard behaviour... Sometimes pops up, sometimes doesn't. I understand this is a Firefox issue and flipping in and out of adblock usually brings it up.

2. Erratic autocomplete in url bar... It autofills Web addresses and you have to manually delete them. This is the number 1 frustration.

3. Previously blocked HTML 5 videos now autoplay... Yay data usage!

4. Text fields often decide I want to copy stuff rather than type. It's copying this text as I type.

Otherwise still love the browser... Any suggestions are welcome. .
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