no menu option (Nokia 5)

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no menu option (Nokia 5)

Postby barryau » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:02 pm

I cannot find any menu option at all. There is no icon at the top or base with the usual three bars or dots or anything that says menu.

The main problem I am encountering because of this is I cannot save any bookmarks at all.

The only options I see are;

TOP ROW: search bar, tab counter
ROW HEADERS: recent tabs, history, top sites, bookmarks, reading list

When I visit a webpage, all I get is the top row and the page, that's it.

I've read through some forum entries here that this browser is Firefox based and as such it can swap-out the menu button to the base of the page (it's not there) or a nav button can substitute (the Nokia 5 has a back key, a fingerprint\return to home key, and a page tab key).

Looking at the 'Settings Menu MIssing' thread, the suggestion is to go here; ... ccess-menu

This says that if I hold any of the nav buttons on the phone I will get the menu option, this is not the case.
(Holding the back key gives a search magnify glass, holding the fingerprint key brings up the google assistant, and holding the tab key puts the browser in a split screen with tabbed view below)

So how do I get the menu option?
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