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Having issues with the ABB?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 7:04 pm
by sbell
Hey all, as you may have noticed ABB has changed a bit. Some of you want to know why....well we changed things to improve overall performance. We did expect some growing pains since this is now a Chromium based browser and our users were accustomed to the previous Fennec (Firefox) based browser. The good news is we welcome the feedback and we do have solutions for those you experiencing any issues.

Dont like ABB as a Chromium based browser but still need Ad Blocking?
Try Adblock Plus for Firefox Mobile.

1. Install FF Mobile via the google play store ... a&hl=en_US.
2. While in the FF Mobile Install Adblock Plus via ... lock-plus/

Where are your bookmarks?
Access your bookmarks by clicking on Menu > Bookmarks

Still seeing ads?
Send us some example URLs
A screenshot of the Ad
Screenshot of your ad blocking settings is also helpful

ABP Support Team