Clear data on Exit - request more granularity

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Clear data on Exit - request more granularity

Postby bananahotsauce » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:50 pm

In the previous version I could clear tabs on exit but leave cookies and history intact. The current feature deletes everything or nothing.

Can you please add more granularity into what is cleared when exiting the application. (Note i do not mean when the application is kept in the background but when there is a hard exit from the app)

When I return to the browser later in the day it currently re-opens all of the tabs from my previous session even if it was days ago. This unnecessarily uses up my data.

I prefer to have the option of starting a new browsing session and clear tabs every time the application launches. Similar behavior to desktop browsers and other android browsers. You already have features to open recent tabs, history or bookmarks if i want to continue my session from earlier.

Other users please respond to upvote this feature if you agree.
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