Clicking on Link in FB opens 2 tabs

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Clicking on Link in FB opens 2 tabs

Postby cynthiak » Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:06 pm

I've recently downloaded and began using the Adblock browser recently and have switched from the Facebook app to using the mobile version in the Adblock browser. Even with the newbie limitations, I am really enjoying using it. I have noticed that when I click a link in FB, it opens in two browser tabs. I always need to close 2 tabs every time.
The other thing that is kind of annoying is that when I go back to the Facebook tab, it always refreshes the page. I never get back to where I was when I clicked on a link that opened a new tab.
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Re: Clicking on Link in FB opens 2 tabs

Postby p_hill » Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:53 am

Hi and thanks a lot for your message! I was able to reproduce the described buggy behaviour with external links on facebook and filed issue about it.

The observation about reloading pages that you made is our contribution to all iPhones being limited to 1GB of RAM with mostly only less than half of it free when not using any apps. Browsing around can easily consume several hundred megabytes, so we were forced to limit the number of actively loaded tabs to three for now. Otherwise, iOS killed the whole app when it thought it was using too much memory. Safari as the very system-integrated browser however also heavily suspends tabs according to our observations. We will likely improve the tab limitation to get more adjusted to the actual devices the app runs on, so we could allow more when the device has more memory like some of the current iPads or the upcoming iPhone 6s.
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