tier3dude's questions

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tier3dude's questions

Postby tier3dude » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:01 pm

Thanks for the reply, mapx. First thoughts about your browser for the iPad:

1st, can I import my safari bookmarks?

2nd, How do I delete bookmarks? I try to highlight one and hit the scissors, but it goes to the bookmark, no deleting.

3rd, how do I set a homepage? I already got it goes to the last page it was at. and

4th, Please have it stop asking me to turn on my location services every time I run it. No offence intended, but you don't need to know if I'm sitting in the living room or bathroom. You can determine my targeted location from my IP address. I tell Google and Yahoo the same thing.

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Re: tier3dude's questions

Postby mapx » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:06 pm

well, for your questions you have to wait some other moderator (rach) to see your thread.
You can also read the threads in this forum and see if you find some answer.
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Re: tier3dude's questions

Postby rach » Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:47 pm

Hey tier3dude!

Thanks for reaching out to us. I apologize about the delay.
What is the version of your Adblock Browser?
Here goes the answers:
1. You cannot import bookmarks, yet.
2. To delete your bookmarks, you can do one of two things. a) Select the address bar, select 'Bookmarks' on the top left next to 'Dashboard' and then select 'edit' in the top right of the 'Bookmarks'. Once done, you will be presented with a Red delete sign. Once selected you are then prompted (a slide in from the right side) with a Delete button. Select Delete and the bookmark is removed. OR alternatively b) If you have added your bookmark to the Dashboard, you can select the address bar and then within the Dashboard, press and hold the bookmark until you receive the 'Edit' option. Select 'Edit', then select the 'Delete Bookmark' option from within that screen. This will remove the bookmark from both the Bookmarks screen and the Dashboard.
3. unfortunately we don't have it yet and I believe Safari also does not have this feature. We have added that to our list of feature requests :) thanks for pointing that out.
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