Luna VPN Adblocker Potentially Stealing My Info

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Luna VPN Adblocker Potentially Stealing My Info

Postby RabinGomes » Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:07 pm

I recently downloaded the Luna VPN app / Adblock extension to my IOS device (iPhone 7) to block in-app YouTube Ads. It worked perfectly as advertised, but after reading some negative reviews the next morning, I learned that it had the potential to steal my personal information. Does an application like this only gain access to the information that has passed through the VPN? Or have I made an enormous mistake and compromised all the data that I keep stored on my iPhone such as my mobile banking and social media account information? After downloading the app, I activated it, downloaded the extension, ran some tests on the YouTube app to see if it worked, and deactivated it before going to sleep for the night. I didn't activate it again before I deleted the app / extension. My social media accounts and banking app weren't running during my tests. Any insight to my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, everyone.
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Re: Luna VPN Adblocker Potentially Stealing My Info

Postby sbell » Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:08 pm


Hi there! I cant speak for the specific extension but for ad blocking to take place usually "elevated" permissions are required. I advise you to check out the company's privacy policy to confirm what it is they do with your data for peace of mind. I hope this helps!

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