Adblock Plus for Edge is not enabled on startup

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Adblock Plus for Edge is not enabled on startup

Postby pboyvb » Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:21 pm

I'm frequently running into the issue where I startup edge and I am prompted to enable or turn on the adblock plus extension.
When I hit turn it on, it will enable the extension just fine, until the next time I have to close and restart edge.

In addition to that, every time this happens, my custom filters and whitelisted domains get reset.

I have tried what was posted in another topic to essentially do a clean install of the extension:
1) Close all open Applications
2) Go to Settings (control panel) —> System —> Apps & Features and deinstall all your installed edge extensions. (here i remove it)
3) Open Windows PowerShell and enter wsreset.exe and wait untill the Windows Store opens itself. (Took about 2 Minutes for me, don’t panic if it takes a while till something happens).
4) Go to Edge browser and download the extensions again (here install i it again)

But this didn't help any.
I also do not use CCleaner.
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