Firefox, Yandex, and edge have this issue

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Firefox, Yandex, and edge have this issue

Postby That_one_biscuit » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:30 am

I have tried on Yandex.Browser, Edge, and Firefox. 
Edge I know deletes custom filters if you clear your browsing history, but when I look at Yandex and Firefox, All I see is it adds only the Easy list...

I have to add the Malware domains, Fanboy's Social blocklist, and the Easyprivacy filters. Why are they not installed automatically? They install automatically for Edge but they get removed every time I clear my cookies.  The Easylist that comes with Adblock plus but blocks very few ads now that the other three are not included anymore. Why is this happening now? Never had issues with adblock plus on Firefox or any other browser with ads till this year.

Why are the selections for the filter lists only on edge now too?

Edge installs the three filters automatically, but if I clear out my cookies I have to reinstall the filters (every time I open up my browser) Firefox and Chrome browsers don't have the filters even install for first time use.
This has started sometime this year and updating Easylist does not help with blocking ads.

Thank you.
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Re: Firefox, Yandex, and edge have this issue

Postby mapx » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:56 am

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