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Postby Dragon4570 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:45 pm

While browsing Newegg.com the screen locks up after scrolling down one product line. This does not happen when Ad Block is turned off. This did not happen before when I used the version that wrote a couple of registry keys and blocked every single ad not just the inconvenient ones. I am running with no filters whatsoever and Version number 0.9.11. This is obviously ad blocks issue. Most everyone that is using an ad blocking piece of software wants it to block all the adds regardless, not just the intrusive ones that pop up in your face or along the sides of the main window. Please remember this when you are creating this software and its updates. If I do not hear about this bug within a week or so I will be forced to look elsewhere for an ad blocking program and cease to recommend this one to all the people I know, they will in turn know to cease recommending it to all the people they know.

You know what the issue is now so fix it. It is blatantly an issue between your software and the code for that website and I am certain it is not the only website coded that way, just the first one I have found.
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