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ABP, MSN, Edge

Postby tommyaw » Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:27 am

When I open Edge in Win10, I am defaulted to MSN 'news' page. One of the features on the MSN page is the horizontal scrolling 'headlines' always containing pictures. Lately, when clicking on one of those 'headlines' that opens a 'slideshow' (eg. "15 pictures") the left and right arrows enabling scrolling through the slideshow pictures do not appear. If I turn off ABP, the picture scrolling controls reappear. As well as all the other annoying ads. I have ABPFILTERS, EASYLIST, EASYPRIVACY, and FANBOYANNOYANCE filters installed. I just now changed from FANBOYSOCIAL to FANBOYANNOYANCE and that did not change anything. I am seeking guidance on which filter to install/uninstall that will return the headline's picture scrolling ability.

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