Suggestion: Bulk filter enabling/disabling

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Suggestion: Bulk filter enabling/disabling

Postby Caspid » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:31 pm

  • When multiple filters are selected (e.g. via Ctrl+click or Shift+click), checking/unchecking one of the selected filters should check/uncheck all highlighted filters.
  • When multiple filters are selected, right-clicking should present "Enable All Selected Filters" and "Disable All Selected Filters" options.

you should describe things in greater detail like giving the browser you are looking at and that you want to improve. Additionally, you should describe how selecting one filter will still work, if selecting one always selects all (maybe a "select all" checkbox).

Using Firefox Nightly. Selecting one filter will still work the same way it does currently; selecting one filter should not select all filters.
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