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but wait there's more power

Postby blocking4malware » Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:45 am

Another Anonymous wrote:- Show a window, with buttons, instead of the tooltip.

Have you toyed with aardvark, remove it permanently, yarip, or platypus?

Platypus has menu controls you might like more. Aardvark allegedly can tie into remove it permanently.

A truly amazing ADP feature would to be converting the selection of stuff to hide via the other named extensions into an ADP format ;)
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Integrate Element Hiding Helper with the AdBlock Plus Add-on

Postby davemab » Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:19 pm

As a none technical user I was pleasantly surprised to 'discover' Element Hiding Helper while searching the forums for a solution to blocking some elements of Yahoo! Mail Classic. One user had also struggled with this problem and suggested Element Hiding Helper had solved his issue.
I have been using AdBlock Plus for many years now and had often wondered why there were no entries in Filters / My Element Hiding Rules. Whilst EasyList solves many issues some elements of Yahoo! Mail are difficult to block / hide. For example it is almost impossible to remove the Chat box placed in the middle of the left column of Yahoo! Mail Classic. For people that do not use this facility it can be very annoying. Only now have I discovered Element Hiding Helper to solve this issue.
Might I suggest that Element Hiding Helper be integrated into one Add-on with AdBlock Plus so that none technical users like myself have the chance of solving simple element hiding rules first hand.
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