Easy GUI Way to Unblock Element

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Easy GUI Way to Unblock Element

Postby JoeSchmoe » Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:28 am

So I looked around at how to unblock an element, and the only way I found looked really complicated, finding the block of HTML code or something and trying to add it to a filter list. I'm not a technical guy and I don't really understand how to do much more than browse the web, so would it be possible to add a nice simple way to unblock a 'ad'? Essentially my problem is I have a few websites I go to that leaving AdBlock enabled, causes parts of the website (notably everything that isn't a menu) to disappear, but if I disable AdBlock I get atrocious ads. I need a way to easily unblock certain parts of the website, because from my understanding the existing way is way beyond me.

I kind of envision a button "Unblock Element", and it would display the page with all ads (ie disable), but highlight the elements that were blocked (same kind of highlight that you use for selecting an ad to block), and click on the element you wish to unblock, and then it'd automatically do the filter thing, and then once you unblock that ad, you reload the page and voila, it's unblocked.

Now I don't know the technology behind this, but is something like this possible? Because I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate this, myself included.
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Re: Easy GUI Way to Unblock Element

Postby mapx » Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:58 am

Probably the devs could find a way for such feature, but I guess it's not very simple.

However, when you get a site with missing useful parts you could try adding this (custom) filter
if the site is example.com, add
Code: Select all

Sure, first you should report that page / site here (filters for adblock plus):

or here (easylist forum):
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