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Is it possible to enable ad-blocking only on specific sites?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:00 am
by hmcaun
The only discussion I have so far found relating to this post has been this.

The subject of my question is: seen the current paradigm of ADB - specifying a list of filters, with the possibility to selectively disable them on specific pages - is it possible to add a feature which permits the opposite, i.e. enabling ADB only on user-selected pages and leaving the others unmanaged?

Before I leave the question to you, a few premises:
  1. This feature is already partially available
    As shown in the discussion linked above, one could possibly follow the instructions provided by the answerer. Why I am caring to post this, though - even if what I'm asking for may already be available -, I think is quite legitimate: such a possibility may be less accessible to less expert users, or even to those - such as me, as in this case - who may not want to employ their time on investigating how ADB works, so to be able to make it work.

  2. I do not know ADB internals, nor have I done extensive searches on other ways to accomplish this
    So excuse me if my feature request appears to be just a mere triviality. I believe that such a feature should be promptly available to end-users - maybe on the configuration panel? - instead of making it available through workarounds to knowledgeable ones. I do not certainly discourage to explore ADB internals; one can certainly do it to fine-tune their own configuration with various facets, but I find it less advisable with more gross features such as this one. (Really, have I been the only one to think for such a similar idea?)

    So, in the end, address any out-of-place consideration to my lack of exploring. I just didn't want to consume myself on something like this. (Well, having opened such a discussion I already have done it, and I think it is quite enough.)

Is, in any case, inappropriate to ask for other ad-blockers which include what I have just requested? :)

Re: Is it possible to enable ad-blocking only on specific sites?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:52 pm
by hmcaun
Apparently, and as I would have expected, this topic has already been discussed elsewhere, for example here on Super User; in this case white-listing the sources is once again the only solution proposed.

The request to add a panel feature, or something akin to it, is still open as far as I'm concerned.