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AdBlockPlus for Virtual Reality content

Postby 3ogdy » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:26 pm ... 3343076900

Looks like people who were supposed to be chopped and hanged are instead working on invading us and nagging us to death with advertisements in Virtual Reality.

I'm wondering what the response from the AdBlock Plus team will be. I suppose those advertisements in VR will work just like YouTube ads - so blocking the ad-streaming server would skip that POS material, but this is just pure personal speculation.
Here's to a way AdBlock Plus can permanently remove this new invasion of ads.

On the other hand, imagine VR-compatible TVs and people in advertisements appearing as if they're right next to you in your house - AdBlock Plus, please develop a way to punch those people. It would be amazing entertainment. Something Wii-like, you know with a camera to track movements and all.
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