future feature suggestion/request: block a whole domain

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future feature suggestion/request: block a whole domain

Postby potolip » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:51 am

i know im not just asking for ads to be blocked but for the entire content of the url in question, maybe you guys dont work like that.

i would apreciate if adblock had some kind of pop-up blocker embedded.

the most common way nowadays to cirqumvent ad blocker is to force a popup. and tho there are popupblocker-extensions, one is not enough.

im sure that ABP is more widley used than any one popublocker and thus the database of popups added to a "block whole domain feature" will be superior to any one of the popupextensions.

im sure somebody already suggested similar or maybe one of you at ABP already thought of something similar. btw i love this extension, thanx for your work.
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