Consider adding unwanted installs as part of AdBlock

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Consider adding unwanted installs as part of AdBlock

Postby StopCraplets » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:01 pm

There are countless websites allowing you to install something that is free (frequently because you're forced to by security reasons like Adobe Flash, or some open source project was continued by malware/crapware providers), and they have those little checkboxes that you must find to prevent accepting extra. It's sorta like an ad...

Adblock could consider checking off all of these automatically making every "opt out" into an "opt in".

A little example:

Adobe Flash installers and automatic updates both installed True Key (each time any of my browsers updates Adobe Flash --- even if I uninstalled True Key installed by another browsers minutes before). Each time it happens True Key isn't under "Add and remove programs" anywhere like it used to during the weekly quadruple-reinstalls I used to have forced on me when I was trying to work in peace, and each time internet stopped as True Key gave me a popup totally lacking an uninstall link.

Then I rebooted, uninstalled true key (internet stopped again), then I rebooted and another browser would install true key minutes later and I'd lose internet again.

The uninstaller moved location this week (this isn't the first time, and it negated any recent uninstall steps I could google and I lost 10 minutes finding where it is this time --- NICE ONE INTEL, NOTHING SCREAMS INTENTIONALLY MAKING IT ANNOYING LOUDER). If you expect True Key to offer a link to the deinstaller in your start menu like most SANE software does --- you're wrong.

it also installed mcAfee something or other (that crashed mid way when internet went down and I had to remove it manually, registry damage and all each time)

This happened whether I used automatic updates or used the Adobe install page which originally didn't actually HAVE checkboxes to checkbox off (I was told it was because of a lesser ad blocker who I have now discarded --- but I am still getting SOME True Key installs and I have STILL not authorized anything!!). that I have forced Adobe to have these checkboxes added earlier, I'd REALLY like for them to be unchecked by default.

Adobe Flash installing true key and stopping my internet (counting all browsers doing it in a week as one event) is one of 26 internet-stopping events I had this year. I have ADHD and I can't find the hidden check boxes that are "Accidentally" hidden by lesser ad blockers Adobe is recoding the website for, or that I need to scroll down to know they exist, or to be blunt, the SHEER ANNOYANCE of unchecking them even for the few sites that make them obvious!!

SO! Similarly to the nonintrusive ad programs, we could block entirely the checkbox from view (in unchecked state) for installers that are just 99% likely to anger the user when he finds out --- as a way to shape the behavior of the FEW companies who bundle only well behaved, easily avoidable, easily deinstallable extras.

nonintrusive installers:

-Any extras if the exist are opt in only, so AdBlock doesn't have to remove the checkbox.

-A checkbox with no check in it ACTUALLY means it doesn't install.

-Has an uninstaller in the start menu if you happen to install the extra, but decide you don't like it.

-The main product doesn't have "updates" who break the nonintrusive installer rules by installing unexpected stuff or offering opt-out style for them.

-All deinstallers uninstall cleanly, without installing something else (uninstallers installing other malware are a fact of life with certain companies)

-Any email newsletter type signup or privacy violation should ALSO be checkboxed off by default.

BENEFITS TO ADBLOCK: some extra revenue

BENEFIT TO INSTALLERS: not burning away their reputation with installs people CLEARLY don't want. ALSO: a listing in AdBlock's nonintrusive installers program! So it can be kinda like ninite --- except the advertizers DO get to show the possibility of installing something should the user take an EXTRA action to show he wants the extra.

BENEFITS TO USERS: less hard to uninstall craplets on their browsers. No user wants to pay or allow revenue making in any shape or form by any companies who does these. Also you could actually start getting automatic Adobe Flash security updates without losing a work/study/gaming session over it.
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