Suggestion for blocking googlevideo ads

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Suggestion for blocking googlevideo ads

Postby Dixiewrecked » Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:09 pm

So, I think I have figured out how to block most if not all youtube/googlevideo ads. This will take a good enough regex filter that can do this:

(r1-20) ---sn-2xouxaxq5u5-5cx?

note: those never change besides the last letter. Blocking those blocks the entire video from working at all. Also, there might be ads that are contained in those, but eliminating variants below should limit the amount of ads by a lot.

block urls such as: (This requires a regex that could cover all possibilities of the variants produced each time) Everything between the parenthesis randomizes minus the above urls. r2---sn(-p5qlsney) and the numbers at the beginning goes up to 20 for each url. so something like this:

Variants: There's thousands of combinations

I have a few thousand or so collected that I've been forwarding to pixelserv and its limited the amount of ads even some unstoppable ones, but there's so many combinations and it takes a really long time to skim logs every time. So, if the list I have is needed to help with creating a filter for them. Then I'd be more than happy to provide it. It'd be great to be able to block it all with a simple filter that I can maybe use with privoxy which allows for using adblock filters.
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Re: Suggestion for blocking googlevideo ads

Postby lewisje » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:00 am

This looks similar to what you're looking for (JS regex syntax here):
Code: Select all
Ideally you would put some request-type specifiers there, like $image,object,object-subrequest,media,websocket along with a domain specifier for the domains where this regex will actually be used.
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