(New Options page) fonts and spacing between rows are huge

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(New Options page) fonts and spacing between rows are huge

Postby darkblue » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:41 pm

In yesterday ABP for FIrefox build the new Options page has been integrated into web extensions build.
I've tried it in both FF 56.0.1 and FF 58 Nightly in win10.

Whlie I like the new page design (in general, in terms of layout),
I find that everything, i.e. the fonts , the spacing between rows in tables, the icons (in the 'Advanced|FILTER LISTS'), and all the buttons,
is HUGE, as if I had changed the page zoom level to 200% or something.
This makes the new Options difficult to read and navigate/use.

(I was first starting to worry that this would be the case, from the moment I first checked the ​Options Page Specification,
unfortunately it proved to be true)

Here are screenshots (display resolution is 1920x1200) to see what I mean:
'General' tab
'Whitelisted websites' tab
'Advanced' tab

in 1st case, the 3 item groups are: (i) 2 checkboxes, ()ii) a table with 3 radio buttons and informational text, (iii) an element which, if clicked, displays a hovering table
in 2nd case, it's just an empty textbox with info text, which already takes almost half the screen. And if you enter a few entries, there's way too much spacing between the rows.
in 3st case, the 3 item groups are: (i) 2 checkboxes, (ii) a table with 3 rows (meant for having 2 lines of text each) by default, (iii) a button which if clicked, it's converted to a textbox, to insert your own custom rules.
Both cases 1+3 don't fit my 1920 x 1200 display, and you have to scroll down to see all content.

All this large fonts and huge spacing design
gives the impression of being the exact opposite of how compact and filled with information,
the 'Filter Preferences' in the current (legacy/deprecated) ABP v2.9.1 for Firefox,
as well as the ABP Options in the current ABP v1.13.4 for Chrome,
are. (also see PS)

I'd like to ask you please to consider changing the font size and spacings and button sizes to become more compact (maintaining a relatively comfortable display density, of course).

PS. For reference, uBo screenshots:

Also, here is a screenshot of Firefox Options, for reference in terms of density:
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Re: (New Options page) fonts and spacing between rows are huge

Postby jeen » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi @darkblue!

Thanks so much for your detailed and considered feedback. We have been discussing exactly your thoughts in our recent meetings and plan on reducing the padding in the next release.

The font size had been deliberately made that size for accessibility purposes, but admittedly could be made smaller, likewise, we intend to reduce the size of the icons.

Feel free to check out the latest design updates here: https://bitbucket.org/adblockplus/spec/pull-requests/84/issue-89-adjusted-font-size-and-padding-in/diff:

Thank you so much again for the feedback - we are always trying to improve.


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