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Install package - *closed*

Postby vfcc » Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:12 pm


I want suggest to make adblockplus installable package.

In society environnement, we could have 2 accounts. One with no admin rights in the computer but acces to internet, and another with admin rights, but no acces to internet.
In this case, none of this account can install adblockplus.

Habitually others software developpers propose an install package who can be downloaded.

Maybe i dont find it, in this case, make it more easy to find.
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Re: Install package

Postby lewisje » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:15 pm

If you're talking about ABP for Internet Explorer, that is already an installable package; if you meant the obsolete ABP for Android, or the non-obsolete Adblock Browser for Android, or ABP for Edge, they can be sideloaded if you change the appropriate restrictions on your device.

If you meant the Adblock Browser for iOS, or the ABP app for iOS, you'll need a combination of a jailbreak and a way to download the IPA files.

If you meant ABP for Firefox, you can download the XPI and then install it; I'm not sure about ABP for Safari, but I know at one point you could download the .safariextz file and install it.

If you meant ABP for Chrome, Opera, or another Chromium-based browser, it's a bit trickier: There are ways to get the CRX or NEX file from the Chrome Web Store or the Opera extensions site, and then unpack them and load them in Developer mode; it's easier to just do this with the developer builds instead, but either way, they won't auto-update. I don't know a way to make an extension be installed by means of an external installer, without Chrome regarding the extension as suspicious at best.

You can also use Group Policy templates to force-install certain extensions, by their extension IDs, and there are ways to disseminate Group Policy or Active Directory settings on a domain-controlled network.
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Re: Install package

Postby vfcc » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:31 am


It was for Chrome and i found the solution.

The administrator block the ability to install every addon by adding a key in the registry
I log as local administrator then remove this key
then log as user and install the abp add on.

I remove this

and change this


TO ->

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