This desktop "blue/red" design is IDIOTIC

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This desktop "blue/red" design is IDIOTIC

Postby FirefoxDesktopUser » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:48 pm

Sorry to make my first forum post a jerk one. The product seems wonderful. Thanks for the forum. Thanks for everyone who pitches in. I'm actually a constructive nontroll. I'm just pissed at this senseless waste of time because some designer thought they were hip or cute or whatever mental malfunction led to this.

The blue/red system is EXTREMELY stupid. This is when you expand the octagon icon while [desktop] browsing Firefox.
Does red mean "no ads for this site" ?
Or does red mean "no blocking for this site" ?
After wasting time trying to make sense of it, it seems to be the latter. Are you kidding me? That would be the stupider interpretation, although either way, it's ambiguous, which is foolish design.

If the designers would summon the kindergarten common sense to just say "click here to enable for this site" or "click here to disable for this site" I wouldn't be wasting my time, or yours, or the developers. In fact, in order to make work (it refuses to on Firefox 64), accuweather even SAYS to "Select Disable on <this website> to allow ads."

Does that mean that it USED TO work logically, and now some new age dumbass millenial site designer decided blue/red is better -- is "cooler"? Please. It takes a TINY bit of screen real estate to explain WTF is going on.

And also, *VERY* IMPORTANTLY, for the benefit of designers who seem to have some mental block on it (especially on Android), PLEASE include the tiny phrase "click here to" or "slide on to". Just saying "foo" can mean "click here to do foo". It can also mean "foo is in effect." That ambiguity results in 100% contradictory interpretation. And time waste.

I'm not a kid or an idiot. I know how to logically deduce answers from available information and exclusive testing. I just don't like having to waste time doing so when it's senselessly unnecessary due to lame design. For example, on some Adblock screens, or Android screens, I may not be setting something for a week or more at a time, so I repeatedly have to stop and figure it out. Common sense design would eliminate that time waste. Leave the dumbass nonintuitive design to Microsoft, huh?

I fully expect to make concise ( :) ) and tangible contributions to the forum in the future. I like to save people's time, not waste it, and share the wealth when I learn useful tips or tricks. Just as I will no doubt benefit from that kindness from other forum users. Kumbaya, and group hug, eh?
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Re: This desktop "blue/red" design is IDIOTIC

Postby marcoflores » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:17 pm

your words are not positive, even so your opinion is respected
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Re: This desktop "blue/red" design is IDIOTIC

Postby pgins » Thu May 02, 2019 4:30 pm

I have just gone to the trouble of registering on this site solely in order to say that I LOVE the post by MARCOFLORES. In my many, many years of using the Internet this is the first, really, the first, sufficiently angry and articulate expression I've seen of all the frustration I have felt about the widespread and crippling idiocy of instructions, procedures, layout, and everything else that makes the Net usable. The problem began with DOS, but everything was new then (I said many, many years) and I dismissed the problems as part of the process, assuming things would improve. In some places, they have, but in too many they remain the same bafflingly stupid arrangements (as a brother in fury and frustration, may I call you Marco? Please call me Phil.) Marco has so beautifully called out. (I have abandoned any effort to find help in Help manuals; I look for instructions for Word, Thunderbird, and other programs where? Google, of course. I no longer even try the program's Help function.)
I especially admire his righteous anger at the enormous waste of time and energy this kind of incompetence has cost him, us, the world, since the beginning of Internet time.
I would be happy to be corrected on this, but for a long time I have laid the blame for this situation on the engineers who created this massive cybermachine and their successors who maintain and expand and "improve" it. Their genius at assembling this immensely powerful structure too often fails to include even fundamental competence at explaining it or making it intuitively useful for the rest of us. And those who translate (I assume they have people who speak common English and have some skill at communication to help with this) for them have their own failings, as here.
In any case, thank you MARCOFLORES for this beautifully written screed, with its righteous anger and clear statement of a protest that must live silently in the hearts of millions. You are a hero.
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