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Exclude this website button

Postby Nigan » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:41 am

Hello everyone,,
It would be nice for webdevelopers to add a button on their website where people can simply click on to exclude the current website from adblock. I understand that there are some issues with this since websites can just trigger the button, but I have a idea for this.

Let webdevelopers place a div on their website and let adblock search for the div an replace (inject) it with a button created by adblock.

Get replaced by the adblock plugin with the adblock exclude button. This way the button needs to be user triggered and people who want to support a website by unblocking it's ads do not have to do trouble to exclude the website. Adblock can design the button subtile so that it won't be anoying ofcourse. (it needs to be small)

I have no idea if some one already suggested this ( I couldn't find it ). I hope you guys like the idea.
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Re: Exclude this website button

Postby greiner » Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:54 pm

I appreciate your idea. As you already mentioned, allowing websites to trigger the whitelisting can easily be abused - similar to how many websites are already abusing browser dialogs that ask you for your geolocation or for receiving push notifications.

Regarding the idea you brought up, I'm afraid that this is also not something we can do because it would provide websites with a reliable way to detect Adblock Plus and can therefore also easily be abused for tracking, locking out Adblock Plus users or even circumventing Adblock Plus. Therefore such a DIV would need to be placed inside an iFrame which the website itself has no access to or control over.
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