Suggestion: Show special ads on Missing Children's Day

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Suggestion: Show special ads on Missing Children's Day

Postby Fluxxie » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:35 pm

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time on reading my post.

My suggestion is fairly simple, is it possible to show special ads on National Missing Children's Day on the 25th of May? So instead of blocking ads ABP shows a special ad with a missing child in the location of the blocked ad?

I read/watched a BBC Post just a moment ago (Found here: ) regarding how AS Roma used their social presence to help find missing children.

This got me inspired on how I might be able to help, sadly I soon discovered that my tools are limited. So, I decided to call upon the help of the open free world wide web, perhaps my suggestion can help just a tiny bit.

Thank you for your time!

PS: I hope i posted this in the correct forum.
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Re: Suggestion: Show special ads on Missing Children's Day

Postby greiner » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:47 pm

Thanks for the suggestion. Adblock Plus doesn't have any capabilities built in for replacing ads so such a feature would certainly not make it in time for Christmas.

On top of that, we have an obligation to our users to block ads so if we were to change the default behavior without the users' consent to replace ads instead, it could have severe consequences.

That being said, anyone can fork Adblock Plus to create something new from it and we're happy to help out with any technical questions about how Adblock Plus works and give advise on how it can be extended/modified in the #adblockplus IRC channel.
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