Feature Request Suggestion: whitelist until onload

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Feature Request Suggestion: whitelist until onload

Postby tymes » Tue May 19, 2020 5:26 am

I won't immediately say the site (**cough** global TV channel **cough**), but there is a site that will detect AdBlock when trying to play video, so to circumvent, before I load a new page or when I want to watch a video, I disable AdBlock, then load the page and I click to start the video then I click and enable AdBlock (without reload) so I may see one or two commercials in progress but other commercials are blocked (always the same commercials so you the same 3 commercials every 15 minutes).

Hmm, so I want to AdBlockplus not to run (so to be undetected) while loading the page (so until onload) then then start blocking afterwards. I was thinking I'd needed to be also be un-AdBlockplus-ed when I started the video (so perhaps disable for 30 seconds onclick), but it seems maybe I don't, but perhaps to circumvent other sites like MP4load something like that may work, even without the whitelist until onload, just after onclick then whitelist 3rdparty until onload (there are varied variations)

(edit subject was "Feature Request Suggestion: delay blocking for timeout")
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