Feature Request Suggestion: whitelist for session (cleaness)

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Feature Request Suggestion: whitelist for session (cleaness)

Postby tymes » Tue May 19, 2020 5:48 am

Perhaps another feature, I was just on a site and it detected AdBlock, but I wasn't sure about it and I didn't know about this site and I didn't want to whitelist it permanently, so perhaps If there was an "unlock for a day" or perhaps for the session (so we wouldn't need to track time to determine if it has been a day) then I wouldn't need to bog down the list of sites with a million sites never visited or seen again avoiding a long large whitelist... perhaps splitting whitelist in two or tracking how many times we've been to a website or first and last visit or just tracking site visits (while maybe also useful, all of which could be problematic in the event this wasn't local data or if it could be read externally not that this information isn't elsewhere).

But temporary whitelist for a session might be a useful when visiting a throwaway website.

Or perhaps this is related to my other feature request post but this is sorta of related... "whitelist for 60 seconds or until onload" so "24h or for session".

No, this is another thing... if the page loads ADs, then it wouldn't detect it was being blocked and we wouldn't need to whitelist it. So load unblocked/whitelisted then to prevent onclick or mouseover ads or timers AdBlock. Or load page and allow page to load then onload retroactively remove ads rather than preventing them from loading? Eh that may be some work!?
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Re: Feature Request Suggestion: whitelist for session (cleaness)

Postby greiner » Tue May 19, 2020 12:35 pm

Thank you for all those different ideas. We've been tracking this feature request in ui#2 which hasn't seen much traction so far. However, it's on our radar and we've recently made a first step in that direction by including a way to disable the extension for only specific pages (see Adblock Plus 3.8 release notes) so we may come back to it in a future release.
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