Feature request: domain name end-point marker

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Feature request: domain name end-point marker

Postby Lain_13 » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:36 am


Currently we have marker | to point at the start and the end of the address. Also we have || as pointer to the domain name (allows to point at specific part of domain name ignoring everything else, ||mediaunder.$third-party will block any domain or sub-domain with separate "mediaunder" word in it like mediaunder.org and mediaunder.us).

I periodically encounter situations when I want to position specific generic filter right after domain name but seem like with current syntax I can not do so.
So, my proposal is to add such ability.

Proposed syntax: |/
Should cover protocol+domain_name+port and point exactly at the end of domain name or port (if specified).

Example filter: |/ads/
Will block things like: domain.net/ads/, domain.us:8080/ads/, domain.ru/ads/ (btw, right now I have .ru/ads/ and there are a lot of similar rules in EasyList including .net/ads/)
Will not block "/ads/" in any other position (like domain.org/not/ads/).
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