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Postby maxxyme » Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:43 pm

New spam : user = OswaldoTam (banned)

New XRumer 16.0 + XEvil OCR recognize more than 8400 types of captcha?!
Sent: Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:14 pm
From: OswaldoTam
To: maxxyme

So, if i'm not mistake, it was your topic on forum about "XEvil + XRumer 16.0"?
Seems it' really revolutional program, that review video was amazing!!
Solve a lot of captcha just in 0.01 second without any mistake at most... Fantastic.

Do you know where I can download XEvil program? Maybe you can share?
Thank you! :)
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Re: Spam here on

Postby gquiring » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:45 am

getting spam PM's from this user


dpelarvuich ==> banned (mapx)
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Re: Spam here on

Postby maxxyme » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:38 pm

New spam : user Jesseslat ==> banned (mapx)

Revolutional update of SEO/SMM software "XRumer 16.0 + XEvil 2.0":
captchas breaking of Google, Facebook, VKontakte, Yandex, Solve Media,
and more than 8400 another size-types of captcha,
with highest precision (80..100%) and highest speed (100 img per second).
You can connect XEvil 2.0 with all most popular SEO/SMM software: XRumer, GSA SER, ZennoPoster, Srapebox, Senuke, and more than 100 of other software.

Interested? Just Google for "XRumer 16 + XEvil 2.0", or you can find intro movie in YouTube: "XEvil: new OCR - captcha solver"
See you later!
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Re: Spam here on

Postby Marc Kupper » Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:17 am

PM spam by memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=91938

One thing of interest is they joined Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:45 pm and spammed me at Mar 27, 2017 8:54 pm. Perhaps there should be a limit on how frequently new users can PM?

Also, a month or so ago on Feb 25, 2017 3:59 am was another PM spam - that one was from memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=89466 At the time I had not spotted this forum thread and so instead reported it to <snip> though believe no action was taken.

Do you need the contents of the spams posted here? I see some people are doing that though it seems like free advertising.

I did not think we should be commenting on the behavior of other users on a public forum but instead should PM a forum moderator who would review and deal with the issue which is why I snipped out who I PMed to report the spam on Feb 25, 2017. I assume the same rule would apply to reporting spammers.
Marc Kupper
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Re: Spam here on

Postby mapx » Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:14 am

I banned the 2 users you reported.

As for other measures unfortunately the eyeo / ABP official staff is doing nothing: no updates on the last phpbb forum, mods to control the newcomers and so on.
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Re: Spam here on

Postby Kinne » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:01 pm

It's not just PMs. They're filling the forums, too.
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Re: Spam here on

Postby Yuri Khan » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:37 am

Please ban Allacex as well. Spam PM, in Russian, offering a loan.
Yuri Khan
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Re: Spam here on

Postby maxxyme » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:20 pm

Again... user CYNeal - memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=95164

Details About Car Rental Insurance plan prepare
Sent: Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:53 am
From: CYNeal
To: maxxyme

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