Improving AdblockPlus/Easylist (SSL) server config

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Improving AdblockPlus/Easylist (SSL) server config

Postby cider » Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:29 pm


I really like AdblockPlus and since I know a bit about webservers I have a suggestion on improving the configuration:

Using the great Qualys SSL Labs check on I can see that you followed the configuration tutorial of StartSSL which suggests to include the root CA in the SSL certificate (Chain issues - Contains anchor). This doesn't make sense because either the browser has the root CA already in its trusted store -- or it doesn't, but then it won't use the root CA some random site sends to verify the chain... With every SSL handshake you send about 5kb instead of about 3kb for the correct configuration. This adds to your bandwidth bill and slows down the SSL handshake. You can read more about that on the Qualys Blog, on the Qualys Forum or on Stackexchange.

I was about to suggest using the new Google Zopfli for pre compressing the filter lists, but according to you already do an even better compression (191kb versus 200kb for the Zopfli version), how do you do this? :o


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