Wrong Spanish translation

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Wrong Spanish translation

Postby gorlok » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:38 pm

After install ABP, it shows options to block social media buttons, malware and block tracking.

But this options are mistranslated: the green buttons says "activar" (in English: "to activate"), and the gray buttons says "desactivar" (in English: "to deactivate"). Both are wrong, it means the opposite and it's very confusing. :(

Green buttons must say "Activo" ("on") or "Activado" ("enabled"), and gray buttons must say "Inactivo" ("off") or "Desactivado" ("disabled"). I give English translations in parenthesis. :wink:

Please review this on http://crowdin.net/translate/adblockplus/28429/enus-es

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