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FAQ - outdated documentation

Postby Gingerbread Man » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:54 am

How does element hiding work?
Element hiding rules are translated into CSS and applied to all web pages the user is visiting. A rule like example.com#div(evil_ad) then looks like:
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@-moz-document domain(example.com)
  div#evil_ad, div.evil_ad
    display: none !important;

1. Although I think simplified notation is still supported, it hasn't been the default for some time. The correct filter example would be example.com##div.evil_ad

2. What ends up in elemhide.css in Firefox is now something like the following. An explanation of the change would be welcome. I'm not the first one to wonder about it.
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div#evil_ad, div.evil_ad{-moz-binding: url(about:abp-elemhidehit?<numbers>#dummy) !important;}


How is Adblock Plus related to Adblock?
I'll wager nowadays very few people remember the defunct Firefox extension called Adblock. On the other hand, millions use AdBlock, and occasionally mistake it for Adblock Plus. An explanation that the two projects are unrelated would be nice. You could probably also mention that AdBlock uses Adblock Plus's filter subscriptions.

How do I install Adblock Plus for all users and make everybody use the same filter list?
Some people have been wondering how to do this in browsers besides Firefox and Seamonkey, notably Internet Explorer. Is it possible?

How do I install Adblock Plus in K-Meleon?
Is K-Meleon still supported? It appears to be abandoned. The latest version — a development build that isn't even listed on the homepage — is dated December 26, 2010.
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