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Your views on online advertising and ABP!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:10 pm
by adzybristow
Hello everyone.

I've been a long time user of ABP and I didn't realise there was a community! I need your help! :D

For my dissertation, I'm looking at peoples views of online advertising and at what point users make a conscious effort to block advertising, compared to TV etc.
If anyone has a spare 4 minutes to answer a few questions, I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks and have a great day!
(PS. i'm not sure where this one should go, moderators might move to a more suitable board)

Re: Your views on online advertising and ABP!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:55 am
by smed79

Re: Your views on online advertising and ABP!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:17 pm
by SharonShoeslinger
To cut a long story short people don't mind the principle of websites earning income from advertising. What they do mind are Ads that:-

1) cause their machines to lock up
2) consume bandwidth that the USER has paid their ISP for (perhaps users should charge websites for using their resources?)
3) open popup windows which have to be beaten down time and time again
4) make aggravating noise
5) collect user data which will be stored and used by not only the marketing companies but also malicious organisations/individuals that get their hands on the data surrepticiously
6) facilitate online stalking of the user

When users find an advert aggravating it has the opposite effect it was originally meant to have, i.e. it puts them off the product/company. The amount of internet capacity being used needlessly is also damaging the efficiency of our economy.

If adverts were restricted to modest jpg/png graphic files the Advertisers would still be able to get their message across and the majority of people wouldn't be too bothered or endangered by them...