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Translation to Oilsjters and/or Oiltjers

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:01 pm
by KeizerCookie

I saw AdBlock isn't translated to my native language: Oiltjers
I'd like to volunteer to translate Adblock to Oiltjers, which I speak as my mothertongue and/or Oilsjters which is the (more spoken) variant.
Can an authorized person help me with this matter?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Translation to Oilsjters and/or Oiltjers

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:27 am
by Shikitita
Hi KeizerCookie!

Thank you very much for reaching out to us.

Could you please let us know which product you're talking about specifically? Also I would appreciate it if you could please give us more information regarding your language. Is that how it is called in English? Does it have a different name?


Re: Translation to Oilsjters and/or Oiltjers

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:07 pm
by KeizerCookie
Hi Shikitita!

No problem at all.
I think it's about 'AdBlock Plus for Opera', I'm not sure if that is specific enough?

Sure! Oiltjers is a language predominantly spoken in the Denderstreek (Denderarea) and Little-Brabant (which is in Belgium).
It's a language estimated to be spoken by 18.262 people but because it's a variant of many Brabants languages, it is said to be understandable for 5.405.092 (all Brabantian people).
Oilsjters (that's another Brabantian language) is spoken by 84.859 people. It's not my native tongue but I can speak it fluent as well.

In Dutch, the languages are called 'Haalterts' (Oiltjers) and 'Aalsters' (Oilsjters).
There are many written pieces in the Brabantian languages. A lot in Oilsjters and some in Oiltjers, both have a standardized spelling.
I don't think there is an English name for the languages. 'Oiltjers' is already phonetically correct in English and Oilsjters would be 'Oilshters'.

This is the schema: Brabants -> South-Brabants -> Little-Brabants -> Oiltjers & Oilsjters.
On some wiki-pages, the languages are still called 'dialects' but many linguists have recognized there to be too many differences with Dutch to still be called 'a dialect'.

Here are some wiki-pages for some info: ... php?cat1=O

Best regards!

Re: Translation to Oilsjters and/or Oiltjers

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:40 pm
by Shikitita
Hi KeizerCookie,

Thank you very much for your detailed post.

As you might already know, Adblock Plus is an open source product for which most of our translations are submitted by volunteers and contributors through a platform named Crowdin. Unfortunately, it seems that platform doesn't offer your language for translation. :( I am really sorry about this.

We appreciate your willingness to improve our product by adding one more language. I will keep my eyes open in the hope that the Crowdin developers add that language and, in case that happens, I will let you know.

Thanks again for reaching out to us and please do not hesitate contacting us should you need anything else.

Kind regards,

Re: Translation to Oilsjters and/or Oiltjers

PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:45 am
by KeizerCookie
Hi Shikitita,

That's a real bummer. I don't think it'll be available any time soon.
Even though a lot of people speak the languages, no companies seem to be willing to adopt them in their products (except for local ones).
That's why I offered my help for translating.

If there is any way in which I could still be of service, please let me know.
I appreciate your kindness.

Kind Regards.