Ad blocker problem (block gametracker stats)

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Ad blocker problem (block gametracker stats)

Postby mamac » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:30 pm

hi im working on game hosting and i have 1 question

im use your ad blocker and its perfect but i want to ask u something

with your blocker he block gamestats image from

i must say that is not a spam or something,everyone use on their own sites for image statistic of game server
u dont block who is a same statistic but u block

this is whitout your blocker

this is with your blocker

-that gametracker liks we from game communityes and game hostings use to show graphic stats of server
here is 1 example ... 27021/red/

there we choose what we want to put on site,blog,fb.... but this abp block that and many users of (for example my site) dont see stats of game here (scroll down)
on other gametracker who use same thing its not blocked
here is their site

please can u fix that? best regards
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Re: Ad blocker problem (block gametracker stats)

Postby mapx » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:42 pm

the "bad" filter is:
Code: Select all

due to that filter on the statistics are blocked (the pics are blocked because of //banners. element in the name of the images)

You need: rename the images (if you are the owner of the site) or (as I already talked about in pm) ask to easylist authors an exception like:
Code: Select all

or, more general:
Code: Select all
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