ABP should enforce the <body> scrollbar on every page

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ABP should enforce the <body> scrollbar on every page

Postby Kubo2 » Fri May 11, 2018 10:52 am

Hey all,

I am new here and want to report a bug (or perhaps file a feature request?). The ABP version, browser, OS nor filters or other configuration is not relevant here, because the issue applies generally.

It happens that some websites have a habit of detecting the presence of AdBlock and in such a case covering the whole page with a modal dialog and disabling the scrollbar using
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body { overfow: hidden }
. This is a really mean practice, because you can usually hide the dialog with a Block Element filter, but because of the disabled scrollbar the page remains equally useless.

I propose that AdBlock Plus enforce the scrollbar on all pages e.g.
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body { overflow: scroll !important }
or something similar by default injected into all pages, perhaps also creating a configuration option to turn this feature off. I would have done this myself as a pull request but was not sure which repository it applies to nor which part of the ABP's code takes care of this and similar; I am a novice here after all.

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Re: ABP should enforce the <body> scrollbar on every page

Postby mapx » Fri May 11, 2018 10:58 am

This is part of the more general feature request (4 years ago ..) ==> Implement inline styles for hiding filters

Other adblockers already implemented such feature, see an example of such filter for uBo (ublock origin)
https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets ... s.txt#L343
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