Add some backup/ restore method for ABP in ff

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Add some backup/ restore method for ABP in ff

Postby vsrawat » Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:52 pm

Please do add some backup/ restore method for ABP in ff.

Most of other software and extensions are already doing it (ublock, nano, violentmonkey). Some are even giving cloud storage and syncing. ABP is lacking behind in this area.

I searched on net and found an old mail that all ABP settings are stored in such and such file in ff profile and save that.
OK, we can save that even if that means digging in deep ff profile that is not convenient, but how to restore that? ff has to be closed while we put that backed up file back to actual ff profile location. But when we are reading on net on ff browser what file is that and where it is to be put, it is not convenient to close ff and do that switching of file and then restart ff.

And I don't even know that if the methods have changed across the years due to several drastic changes in ABP as well as in ff web-extensions.

Make it authomatic as others are doing it. Please give a method of backup/ restore for ABP in ff, including automatic sync to cloud.

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