"Pattern" Problem?

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"Pattern" Problem?

Postby Little Brother » Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:11 pm

In the past I have been able to block several images on a given page, e.g. Salon.com, without altering the rest of the page.

Now, using version 1.0, on Firefox 3.0.4, at a certain point if I return to the page after blocking several items individually, ALL images and formatting are stripped out!

I lack the technical understanding to know if I'm using the term "formatting" correctly; I mean that the normal headers, background, columns, etc. are gone-- there is only a bare white background and columns of hyperlinks instead of the normal default background and organization of material with proper headlines, etc.

I have discovered by trial-and-error that if I "open blockable items", I find a long list of filters other than the specific ones I chose to block; if I tediously disable these filters one at a time (I don't see a way to disable them all at once), the page returns to normal and I can still block individual images or flash windows as I choose.

But the problem recurs, and suddenly the bare-bones pages return.

I have the impression that AdBlock is assigning my individual image-blocking to a pattern, and is then "helpfully" blocking everything else on the page! How do I control this annoying circumstance?

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to disable this feature so that only the specific items I choose to block remain blocked without the entire page suddenly "collapsing" as described?

I'm a non-technical person, so I'm sorry if I'm stupidly overlooking something obvious. Thanks.
Little Brother
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Postby Ares2 » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:52 pm

If you click "Adblock Image...", a window should pop up suggesting a filter to you. The second option (that is choosed by default) will block ALL images, stylesheets etc. in the directory of the selected image.

If you want to block just the image you selected, you have to choose the last option ("Custom:") before clicking "OK".
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