Adblock Plus and (a little) more

Adblock Browser 1.3.0 for Android released · 2017-11-02 12:18 by Mario König

Install Adblock Browser 1.3.0 for Android


  • Dependency update to the most recent version for Firefox (Issues 5399, 5489, 5675, 5495, 5592, 3994, 3057)
    • Permissions are now asked on an as-needed basis
    • Improved the design of video controls
    • New media controls in the notification bar
    • Added support for live streaming video
    • Added ability to hide WebFonts to save data
    • Added support for Arabic and other right-to-left languages
    • Multiple stability/performance improvements
  • Updated ABP extension and improved integration with the app (Issue 5536)
  • Added Ecosia as an optional search engine (Issues 5518, 4655, 5375)



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