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Adblock Browser 2.0.0 for iOS released · 2017-09-19 14:28 by Mario König

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  1. Joe · 2017-09-24 20:43 · #

    Problem with Dutch cookiewall. See, and

    Reply from Mario König:

    Thanks, Joe, for the pointer. We could reproduce it and it’s been filed in our issue tracker ( We’ll address a few minor issues — including this one — with an update soon.

  2. Joe · 2017-09-24 21:39 · #

    Cookiewall-prob only in Ghost-modus.

  3. Joe · 2017-09-25 10:57 · #

    Cant watch a video. Both Normal mode as Ghost mode. Ads ON or OFF makes no difference.—je-is-a1568454

    iOS 10.3.3 (iPad 4).

    Reply from Mario König:

    Joe, thank you very much for your help to improve our product. We have filed an issue ( and will address this finding within the next minor release as well.

  4. Joe · 2017-09-25 11:57 · #

    Thank you for the answers.

    Next. NPO-video wont stream. Whatever mode and ads ON/OFF.

    Maybe You need a Dutch ip, Opera VPN could help.

    iOS 10.3.3 (iPad 4)

  5. Joe · 2017-09-25 12:16 · # wont change to desktop version with ads ON.

    Reply from Mario König:

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll add the video streaming example to the aforementioned ticket about videos. needs some more investigation as this appears to happen with other ad-blocking products (not only ours) as well. We’re on it. :)

  6. Gary · 2017-10-15 00:24 · #

    This browser still goes into a core data fetch loop then deletes all user data. Then you must delete and re download the app if you want to use it

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