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Adblock Plus 1.0.2 for K-Meleon re-released · 2010-06-23 22:20 by Wladimir Palant

A memory leak was discovered in Adblock Plus 1.0.2 for K-Meleon. This issue has been fixed, the new Adblock Plus 1.0.2 for K-Meleon package no longer exhibits it. If you are using Adblock Plus on K-Meleon it is recommended that you download and install Adblock Plus again.


Please note that Adblock Plus 1.0.2 remains the last Adblock Plus version to support K-Meleon 1.5 due to the outdated Gecko version used. Support for K-Meleon 1.6 (currently in the alpha stage) is on the Adblock Plus roadmap but not currently scheduled.


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  1. joanna · 2010-06-26 19:18 · #

    any idea when Ad Block Plus will be available for Google Chrome?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant: – feel free to skip to #5 immediately.

  2. snuz2 · 2010-06-27 00:24 · #

    This new release causes a problem on my Kmeleon, the ABP toolband is not movable and stuck in a weird location below the tabs bar…any idea how to fix this?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    disrupted (from K-Meleon forum) mentioned the same problem. I cannot reproduce it however and without that I cannot really help you much. The toolband is created correctly for me on a new profile. And I didn’t change anything in that area…

  3. EP · 2010-06-30 08:00 · #

    responding to joanna’s question, there’s no need for an ABP for Chrome or for other non-Mozilla based browsers. assuming she’s using Google Chrome 5 or later, why don’t she check the google chrome extensions site and search for an ad blocking addon that specifically works for chrome, even though the addon is made by someone else. I know it exists there and it does work on chrome though it may or may not be equal to adblock plus.

  4. EP · 2010-07-03 03:55 · #

    just wondering, Wladimir, are there any recent development builds of Adblock Plus for K-meleon?
    I ask because some of the recent “changelogs” to the dev-builds of ABP (in the adblockplus devbuild directory) seem to mention K-meleon.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Yes, I’ve been working on updating K-Meleon support – but it isn’t anywhere near ready yet, pretty broken still. I’ll release a development build as soon as it is usable.

  5. adb2 · 2010-08-05 23:38 · #

    ABP toolband is not movable and stuck in a weird location below”. The same situation.

  6. XAVIER · 2010-11-01 00:55 · #

    KMeleon is one the few browsers left that have refused to become a mozilla/chrome lapdog.

    It would be great to get a update for this no matter how small.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    You mean, because they stopped developing it and are still using ax extremely outdated Gecko version with tons of known security issues? Yes, great solution.

    It is pretty certain that by the time K-Meleon 1.6 comes out Gecko 1.9.1 will reach end of life and they will be using an outdated Gecko version again. Sometimes I wonder why they bother at all…

  7. R. Richards · 2010-11-01 16:58 · #

    actually i like the new version and the handful of developers they have are actually doing a pretty good job keeping it up to date

    don’t forget KM started as a tailored browser its not meant for the average user.

    Wladimir perhaps you should stick with plain old firefox if kmeleon isnt for you, when you get some more experience then you can try out kmeleon again.

    kmeleon isnt for everyone.

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