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Adblock Plus 2.6.10 for Firefox released · 2015-07-28 15:05 by Wladimir Palant

Install Adblock Plus 2.6.10 for Firefox

This is a quality and stability release, with the focus being compatibility with upcoming Firefox versions. Most of the changes are under the hood, only the visible changes are listed:

  • suppress_first_run_page preference introduced by previous release can now be preconfigured by machine administrators via setting extensions.adblockplus.preconfigured.suppress_first_run_page Firefox preference (issue 2439).
  • Issue reporter
    • Made sure there is always enough space to display report data (issue 344).
    • No longer intercepting right-clicks on the resulting report link, only left- and middle-clicks result in the report being opened (issue 701).
  • Subscription links
    • Implemented an alternative format that is easier to use in forums or emails: instead of abp:subscribe?location=foo (issue 2211).
    • Fixed subscription links in multi-process Firefox (issue 1730)
  • Notifications
    • Added global opt-out for notifications (issue 2192 and issue 2193).
    • Notifications are shown immediately after download rather than waiting for a browser restart (issue 2419).
  • Removed inconsistent behavior (breaks backwards compatibility): exception rules starting with http:// or https:// no longer imply $document option (issue 2503).
  • Reduced the initial delay for filter lists and notification updates after browser startup (issue 284 and issue 2659).
  • First-run page: Fixed social buttons being broken starting with Firefox 38 (issue 2710).


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  1. Octavian · 2015-08-01 13:19 · #

    It’s not working on my Firefox 26.0 anymore! Please fix!

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    No, it’s not compatible with Firefox 26 any more – it requires Firefox 29 now. The reason is that Firefox 29 (released April 2014) is the first version to support standard-conformant JavaScript generators syntax. We cannot use new generator syntax while still supporting very outdated Firefox versions.

    Please reconsider using Firefox 26, it has tons of known security vulnerabilities (

  2. Tim · 2015-08-03 21:25 · #

    I use Palemoon a alternate version of Firefox. I have used Adblockplus for years and now its been disabled due to vulnerability and stability issues. Any idea when there will be a fix for this?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Interesting, Pale Moon developers seem to take my opinion about their development direction very personally. Indeed, a few hours ago they added Adblock Plus to their blocklist, quite a drastic measure. From the look of it, we are the first ones to receive that kind of treatment – the rest of their blocklist appears to be copied from Firefox and restricted to extensions and plugins with known security issues.

    I don’t know your reasons to use Pale Moon. However, at this point the only “fix” I can offer you is using a recent Firefox version. At least the Firefox developers don’t blocklist arbitrary extensions that they don’t like. And they don’t try to freeze the engine of their browser and pretend that the web doesn’t change.

    Technical background (at least I assume that it’s what this is about): Adblock Plus 2.6.10 stopped using the deprecated JavaScript generators syntax that only Firefox supports. Instead the proper standard-compliant syntax is being used – Firefox 29 and higher supports it, Pale Moon most likely doesn’t (they forked a version of Firefox which is very old by now). We are currently actively cleaning up our codebase in order to get rid of any deprecated functionality, supporting such outdated Firefox versions just isn’t feasible.

  3. Octavian · 2015-08-03 21:54 · #

    I just downgraded from 29.0 to 26.0 a few months ago… Firefox 29.0 was slow (especially on my netbook and on my old P3) I also don’t like the UI they introduced starting from this version so i’ll stick with my Firefox 26. My question: If I install ABP by using the xpi file of ABP, will the filter subscriptions continue to be updated?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Yes, version will continue working for now. At some point we are bound to introduce incompatible changes to the filter syntax and at this point outdated versions will become much less effective – but this will take a while. By that time you will likely notice that many websites aren’t compatible with your browser either.

  4. Report BUG · 2015-08-04 10:46 · #

    On Android device, filtre for RO and Easylist do not work.

    Android 5.0.1 Galaxy s4.

    I love your work. good luck !

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