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Automatic updates to Adblock Plus 1.3.10 temporarily disabled [Update] · 2011-09-29 07:49 by Wladimir Palant

Yesterday I asked Mozilla to put Adblock Plus 1.3.10 into the sandbox again to disable automatic updates. This is not because anything is wrong with Adblock Plus 1.3.10, it is actually because of a bug in Firefox 7 — updating the browser while an extension update is pending makes that extension disappear from the list. Mozilla promised a solution in the next few days at which point the automatic updates can be enabled again.

If you are already running Firefox 7 you can still install Adblock Plus 1.3.10 manually from our homepage, it is perfectly safe. If you already got hit by the bug and Adblock Plus is no longer in your extensions list — enabling or disabling some other extension is enough to bring it back.

Update (2011-09-30): Firefox 7.0.1 is out and Adblock Plus can be updated the usual way again. For anybody who had Adblock Plus disappear after updating to Firefox 7, updating to Firefox 7.0.1 should bring it back.


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  1. Ant · 2011-09-29 08:24 · #

    Thank you for the update. :)

  2. FastKC · 2011-09-30 01:51 · #

    Thanks Wladimir for the news, Adblock Plus and Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus are important for me with Firefox.

  3. Ourkie · 2011-09-30 04:33 · #

    I have used Adblock Plus on Firefox for years. With it disabled on Firefox 7, it was a shock to see how many ads are displayed. I will be delighted when Adblock is back at work.

  4. Anon · 2011-10-11 22:56 · #

    It would sure be nice if browsers/addons for DNS pre-resolution would omit blocked sites from pre-resolution. Usually DNS caching is useless because the cache is filled with sites that will be blocked on loading.

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