The Adblock Plus for Chrome interface The Adblock Plus for Chrome interface

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Adblock Plus blocks advertisements which might be intrusive and malicious, while supporting website creators by allowing Acceptable Ads by default (this, however, is configurable).

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Block ads in Chrome

Adblock Plus for Chrome's special features

Adblock Plus blocks all annoying and intrusive advertisement, including pop-ups, pre- and mid-roll video ads on Youtube, tracking, and malicious malware.

How the ABP ad blocking extension for Chrome looks

How our ad blocker for Chrome works

Once you download Adblock Plus for Chrome, it will appear in your browser menu. It will automatically filter out all annoying and intrusive ad content.

Adblock Plus is configurable and can be adjusted to add whitelists and change types of filters through the Settings option .

Support websites with the Acceptable Ads initiative

Supporting websites and creators

Adblock Plus comes by default with Acceptable Ads enabled, though this can be turned off easily at any time. By using the Acceptable Ads feature, you are still blocking annoying and intrusive ads, but allowing some nonintrusive advertisement. This allows content producers to receive monetization for their work and helps create an environment of fairness and sustainability for user, advertiser, and creator alike. Learn more