Adblock Plus for Administrators

Adblock Plus is a perfect tool for every university, company or any IT infrastructure with multiple working stations.

Save bandwidth
More efficient working environment
Enhanced privacy & security
GPLv3 Licence

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What are large scale deployments?

When installing the Adblock Plus extension for multiple machines and user accounts, it is time-consuming and tedious to perform a manual installation on each device. Administrators can utilize various tools to automate the installations, eg installer scripts or even configuration management software.

Any mass installation of a browser extension has to take a number of things into account, like: desired browsers, operating systems, internal policies or infrastructure in general.

Why to deploy Adblock Plus in an administered environment?

Adblock Plus is a great tool for every administered environment (university, school, company, governmental institution etc) containing multiple working station in the IT infrastructure.

Adblock Plus considerably decreases security and privacy risks over the entire IT network. Malware and viruses are often spread via annoying advertisement, which our extension blocks by default. Moreover, use of Adblock Plus considerably decreases the bandwidth usage. The overall browsing experience and working efficiency of the end users in networks using Adblock Plus is considerably increased. The users are not annoyed by pop-ups, blinking banners and misleading advertising, which helps them to focus better.

How to deploy Adblock Plus?

We are currently working on the best solutions for large scale deployments. These are, however, mostly dependent on the browser used.

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Additional resources

You can ask questions or contribute to the discussion about deployment-related topics in our forum.

Organizations using Adblock Plus

Unalaska City School District

"With extremely limited bandwidth here in remote Alaska, I find that every bit that travels over the satellite counts."

- Brent Bain, Unalaska City School District


"Due to Malvertising and the crypto-locker and like malware we are interested in utilizing your software."

- Charles Hix, Compnology

International School of Geneva

"Adblock Plus allows our students and teachers to remain focused on their learning and teaching."

- Josue Mouco, International School of Geneva

Seven Energy International Limited

"I would definitely recommend Adblock Plus for businesses not only was it really easy to push out to all of my end point users agree it is so nice to have it installed."

- Daniel Sanders, Seven Energy International Limited

Holstebro Kommune

"After the deployment of Adblock Plus we had a great decrease in server load, which lead to better performance for our users."

- Anders Erfurt Høj Thomsen, Holstebro Kommune