Ad-blocking partner integrations

Plug-and-play ad-blocking functionality that millions of users already love, perfect for your existing solutions.

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Added value for your users

Get the features your users most want, out of the box, with minimal maintenance or technical efforts.

Retain more users by improving their experience, with better battery consumption and bandwidth.

Get access to privacy and security features that will give your users the peace of mind and protection they need.

Easy to integrate with your tech stack

Get ready-to-use SDKs or your desktop and mobile products.

Have dedicated technical support with over 10 years of know-how.

Obtain commercial licensing from the original Adblock Plus technology creators.

Supported Platforms:

Desktop Extension

Android Chromium
with guaranteed timely Chromium updates.

Android WebView


If you have a different platform which is not listed, please contact us.

New revenue streams

Bring additional user value with extra features that you can easily monetize.

Get access to Acceptable Ads initiative and support fair content creators.

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