Contribute to Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a community driven open-source project that aims to make the internet better for everyone by purging bad ads.

Please support us if you like using it.

Spread the word

While nobody profits directly from it, widespread adoption of ad blocking software will make intrusive ads economically inefficient until they become as rare as pop-up windows already are today. And aside from making the internet a better place it is simply good to know that this work is used.

There are many ways how you can help our cause by making Adblock Plus more popular:

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and recommend ABP to all your friends.
  • If Adblock Plus has improved your browsing experience, share this in your blog or on social networks.
  • Convince your employer or university to install Adblock Plus.
  • Approach your local media to report about privacy and security on the internet.

Report bugs

If you notice that Adblock Plus isn't behaving the way you think it should — tell us. There are always situations we didn't test for that might produce incorrect results, we need your help to find those. Please include all the information we need to reproduce the bug: under which conditions does the bug occur, which browser did you use, what was the version of Adblock Plus? Also stay around for follow-up questions we might have and to confirm that the bug was really fixed.

Test development builds

Before a new version of Adblock Plus is released there are always several development builds. The purpose is to catch bugs or even badly designed features before they are released. Subscribe to the RSS feed to know when a development build is released.

Contribute code

Whether you're fixing a bug or adding a feature you'd like to see, code contributions are always welcome.
Contributing code is more involved than contributing in other ways, but highly appreciated. There's a lot to do! Please see the contribute code page to get started.

Help other users

If you are an experienced Adblock Plus user maybe you can spend a little time answering questions of people who are new to this. Have a look at the forum, there are always many users looking for answers.

Translate Adblock Plus

Currently Adblock Plus has been translated into more than 30 languages — yet some translations have been abandoned and we still need translators for more languages. If you want to contribute in this way please register on Crowdin and go to our translation projects: Adblock Plus for Firefox, Adblock Plus for Chrome, Element Hiding Helper, Customizations for Adblock Plus. Choose a language and start suggesting translations. And if you don't want to translate just yet you can also vote on the translations provided by other people.

Bring in suggestions

There is always something that can be improved, so please tell us about your ideas. Ideally you should not only tell us what needs to be changed (this is mostly already known) but also how it should be changed. Feel free to open a new thread in the forum or join an existing discussion. Note that for various reasons not every suggestion will be accepted, and please stay constructive in your criticism.


With more funds we will be able to improve Adblock Plus faster. You can make a donation on the contribution page.

Add or improve filters

Adblock Plus is only as good as its filters. The elements Adblock Plus blocks by default are defined in filter lists which are maintained by voluntary contributors. By constantly updating them, this community ensures that Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads on every website.

If you come across a website on which an ad isn't blocked or filter lists cause issues, please report it. Also, you can learn how to create filters yourself. If you have knowledge about the filter syntax of Adblock Plus, you can suggest new filters in our forum (registration is not required, but recommended in this case). Active contributors may be promoted to become part of the group of filter list maintainers.

Evaluate acceptable ads

Adblock Plus is the initiator of the Acceptable Ads initiative, which is aimed at supporting websites that choose to advertise using unobtrusive ads. Based on strict guidelines everyone can join the discussion to determine which ads qualify as Acceptable Ads.

If you would like to help determine which ads and new ways of advertising are acceptable, please visit the forum to share your thoughts.